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See why many business leaders are choosing a better way.

For most employers, healthcare costs fall in their top ten, or even top five, for P&L. Yet for some reason, many company leaders don’t exercise the same fiscal discipline over their health plan that they apply to the other areas of their business.
Our Success Story videos let you hear firsthand why business leaders have chosen Amity Benefits and how it’s enabling their organization and employees to realize savings in the short- and long-term.
The alternative to rising costs

“Our premiums are not going to go up. Which has not been our history for the last ten years.”

Craig Altman

Lead Pastor, Grace Family Church

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The support you need to thrive

“We wanted to have better control, better say in the product, as well as a better chance to give savings back to our employees.”

Chris Bonham

Senior Executive Pastor, Grace Family Church

A decision that makes good business sense

“Looking at everything they bring, I thought, finally we’ve got that competitive advantage.”

David Maus

President, Maus Family Automotive

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Partners who ease your burden

“The implementation was amazing. It was so easy that I couldn’t believe it.”

Denisse Vargas

Director of HR, Edmonson Electric

A way to make everyone happy

“When Amity Benefits came in, we actually gave our employees a better package. And they all love it.”

Kevin Edmonson

President, Edmonson Electric

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