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Businesses suffer by a lack of transparency when it comes to traditional health insurance. Our innovative approach helps dramatically reduce healthcare costs.


We’re bringing smart savings to healthcare.

Contrary to what you’ve come to expect with health insurance, your company’s spend does not have to keep rising year after year. Here are three key areas where we can turn things around.

Prescription Cost Savings

A forensic review of your prescription costs can be very revealing. Our transparent approach provides pass-through pricing for prescriptions and a contract written to protect your plan.

Physician Cost Savings

We have a variety of ways to minimize any cost-shifting by providers to employer-sponsored plans, starting with coding reviews that protect the plan from being overcharged.

Facility Cost Savings

In most cases, facility costs account for 40-55% of your benefit spend. And despite insurance carriers’ boasts about discounts, the reality is they aren’t effective. We can change that.

2020 Seminar postponed

After monitoring the corona virus situation over the past couple of weeks, we have decided to postpone the Healthcare seminar we had planned for March 24th.

We will be in touch in the next few weeks with an new date. We are thinking of you and your families and we hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

We will be in touch in the next few weeks with an new date. We are thinking of you and your families and we hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

2020 Seminar

Learn how to reduce your healthcare spend.

MARCH 24, 2020 | 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


The system is broken and it won’t fix itself.

It should come as no surprise to you and your management team that the current system for healthcare insurance is unsustainable. But what may really surprise you is how companies are actively tackling the problem now.

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Client Testimonials

Your prescription for success

When it comes to the ills of healthcare insurance, many employers have put blinders on.
Here’s the process for taking back control.

A Blessing for Everybody

After years of steadily rising premiums, Grace Family Church’s lead pastor, Craig Altman discovered a new solution that has led to 20% savings and many happy employees.

Growing with Grace and Control

The Senior Executive Pastor of Grace Family Church explains how the Amity model helped his team get quality healthcare, take back control, and feel more confident about the future.

The Amity Advantage

How do you improve cash flow and do what’s right for your employees? The President of Maus Family Automotive reveals how Amity gives him a true competitive advantage.

Quick Implementation

See how Edmonson Electric broke the cycle of yearly cost increases from insurance providers, while also giving his 550 employees better benefits. All thanks to Amity.